Thursday, February 12, 2009

Secrets To Fast Muscle

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This is your friend "Dean Dean" from With the fast success of our all natural pure tribulus bodybuilding supplement Show-Tech we have become somewhat of an icon from bodybuilders around the globe. The single most asked question by our customers and friends is "What Is The Biggest Secret To Fast Muscle Growth Without Using Illegal And Harmful Steroids?".

Well as many would believe there is a holy grail out there with a magic pill that gives you 20 pounds of muscle mass in two hours we can confidently say "No there isn't". With all the hype and millions of dollars spent each year in the fitness industry we do firmly believe that the four biggest secrets "if you will" to fast and safe muscle is:

1) Nutrition
2) Supplementing
3) Workout
4) Recovery And Rest

Being professionals in the bodybuilding nutrition field one must look at the above and stamp those four essentials into their mind if they are serious about hardcore muscle gains. Lets take a look at some helpful tips our bodybuilding experts have put together for the serious bodybuilder. Please consult your doctor or fitness trainer before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.

If you want the whole process to work then consider this the single most important step in your muscle quest. Nutrition is fuel and fuel builds muscle. If we have no fuel our body shuts down and cellular regeneration slows. I will not spend too much time on what to eat as this could take days but remember to keep your diet rich in proteins.

Remember this: Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds; some lean meats, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products; and mono and polyunsaturated oils. Limit intake of saturated fat, cholesterol, salt, alcohol and an excess of added sugars and sugary foods. Drink plenty of water. Maintain a normal weight. Exercise regularly.

To build extra muscle you need to eat in excess of what you currently eat and to work out with weights on a regular basis. How much muscle you can gain, how quickly and with what definition is largely determined by your genetics and age. But everyone at almost any age should be able to gain some muscle and strength with weight training. Proper nutrition is a crucial element in the muscle building process.
That overeating is not a good idea if you are already overweight is surely something you already know. Get fit first.

There are literally thousands of supplements on the market today. You could go crazy trying to get what is best for you. From our professional experience dealing with many professional bodybuilders over the last few years if you are going to use supplements then optimally one would benefit from a pre and post workout plan. If you want an all natural approach to muscle mass gains then read about our Show-Tech supplement which is used pre-workout. This with a good creatine and then followed up with a post workout glutamine supplement is a great base to start your training. Many people to this day still follow that basic program and it works! If you have any questions please drop by at and send us an email!

An effective bodybuilding workout combines a number of elements in order to achieve maximum physical fitness. A successful workout should include adequate cardiovascular work – such as running, walking, or aerobics – to increase the heart rate and improve cardiovascular health; committed core work – such as Pilates or yoga – that improves flexibility, strengthens abdominal and core muscles, and keeps muscles limber; and, most important to bodybuilding, weight training that utilizes a combination of weights to build and sculpt muscle.
In addition to safety, commitment is just as important to a bodybuilding workout. While a three-day-a-week workout may be adequate for those who are not bodybuilding but still trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, this schedule will not be enough to successfully meet bodybuilding goals. Those who are serious about bodybuilding often spend many hours a day in the gym; a bodybuilding workout is a serious commitment that requires quite a bit of sacrifice. Most bodybuilders will adopt a very particular schedule when it comes to their workout routine – scheduling cardiovascular and core work and planning weight training to work certain muscle groups on one day and other muscle groups on others. Bodybuilding is not for everyone. But for those who are enthusiastic about participating in this sport as either a hobby or in order to compete, they will tell that a committed and comprehensive bodybuilding workout is imperative to your success.

Recovery for your muscle is imperative between your routines! Our muscles need time to recover from the workout they have just endured. What most people don't know is that our muscle growth takes place during sleep, not during workout. After rest, muscles are stronger than they were previously, and this allows for more growth through workout. By not allowing proper rest, growth can be stunted, loss of muscle may occur, and muscles can be easily damaged. Allowing recovery time, gives our body a chance to adapt to the stress of exercise. The recovery also allows our body to repair damaged tissue and replace fluid loss. Without time to repair and replenish, our bodies will breakdown. For muscles to recover naturally, it can take about 7 days. This is one of the reasons we should only train each muscle group once a week. You want to avoid training on consecutive days, even if you are training different muscle groups. The rest and recovery of muscles is something that shouldn't be overlooked.Resting between workout sets is also important for indirect growth. You want to allow about 2 minutes to recover, but not to cool off. You want the muscles to stay warm. By allowing 2 minutes between each set, it helps with mass, power, and strength. After an intense workout, you want to slowly cool the muscles down, and prepare them for rest. This is also known as Active Recovery. A low intensity workout is a great way to cool the muscles. Another way is stretching followed by a medium paced walk. Cooling muscles after a workout has been known to help speed up the recovery. You still need to rest. Allowing a couple days to rest the muscles will help with endurance during the next workout. Not allowing time to rest can result in injury.