Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Bicep Secrets!

You have big biceps, big triceps but when you flex nothing seems to move much.
These tips work amazing while using Show-Tech available at or! Many have this problem too, 18″ arms and no bicep peak, then I discovered the main secret and I would get comments all the time about how big my arms look either up or down. Just walking around casually people would notice and mention my arms.
You too can get these big bicep peaks on your arms and it does not take much, just a little knowledge and a little sweat and you too will be the proud owner of mountainous arms.
There are two things you need to attain big bicep peaks…

First you need your body fat levels to be low enough for people to see your biceps. I would suggest an upper limit of 12% body fat, any more is unnecessary bulk that will hinder growth and health, it will also hide your muscle. So you may want to clean up your diet and loose some of that bulk. Secondly and more importantly to get bicep peaks you need to train the outer bicep head. That’s it, the big secret. I have told and stressed this so many times to fellow bodybuilders who are striving to add inches to their arms and they ignore me. They claim I have superior genetics or put some other excuse to work so that they don’t have to…. lazy bastards.
When you flex your biceps the outer head is the muscle that sits on top of the arm, the bulk of your bicep is down the side, if you have a big outer bicep head then it makes your arms look higher - it is the cause of the bicep peak.

So what you need to do now and for the next three months is to start your bicep workout focusing on the outer heads, I will go into this in a future article but for now if you do the following it will be a good basic start - and the basics work best:

Close Grip Barbell curls (can use E-Z bar)
Hammer curls with dumbbell or cable with rope grip
Concentration curls focusing on the top of the movement
That will get you on track for big bicep peaks, check again in 3 months time and see what a difference you have made - I am sure you will be surprised.

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