Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Our Muscles Grow

Happy Thurday All!

As we strive to make the most of our physique and fill our body with vital nutrients and such as to make our biceps burst through our shirts did you ever wonder how our muscles actually grow? At and we were just asked this question via email and wish to share the info. with our blogger buddies if anyone is intrested.

Did you know our body has over 600 individual muscles? Yep! Skeletal muscle is made up of thousands of cylindrical muscle fibers often running all the way from origin to insertion. The fibers are bound together by connective tissue through which run blood vessels and nerves. Each muscle fibers contains: an array of myofibrils that are stacked lengthwise and run the entire length of the fiber; mitochondria; an extensive smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER); many nuclei.

Your muscles grow when they recover after heavy stress that you put on them in the gym. Your body 'thinks' that you were running for your life from a lion and nearly escaped, and it builds some extra muscle to make sure that you outrun that lion next time he finds you! The same story in other words: when you stress your muscle to the limit, it develops micro-injury. When it repairs the damage, having enough time and material, it 'overdoes' a little, to prevent you from having that 'micro-injury' in the future.

To put it short, if you want your muscle grow, you should give it as much stress as possible in the gym, then you should provide it with everything it needs to recover and grow, which is time and food.

Do not stress the same muscle every day - it will not have enough time to recover and grow. If you work out regularly the last 6 months or more, you should pump really heavy weights, as heavy as you can take. And your muscles will need more time to recover, more than they needed when you started working out. Recovery time depends on your metabolism rate. Most people need 48 hours of "leisure time" for a heavily exercised muscle.

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